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S A L E M : We pay her at store price, allowing continued growth of her business and philanthropic work.

T H E 7 D A Y R I N G P R O J E C T : We cover our administrative costs and reinvest a part of our ring profits to help grow our small enterprise.

H O P E  I N T E R N A T I O N A L : We donate the rest to HOPE International to reinvest into Ethiopian women by funding skills-training and microcredit loans.

HOPE international Development agency

HOPE International Development Agency’s mission is to help the world's poorest families become self-sufficient.

HOPE International believes, just as we do at the7dayringproject, that education plays a crucial role in helping to end the cycle of poverty. This shared belief has led us to partner with HOPE International specifically to help fund skills-training and microcredit loans for women in Ethiopia.

For more information about HOPE International, click here.