Mother’s Day is just around the corner – can you believe it? This year, May 14th marks the day we get to celebrate (more than usual) all the moms, grandmas, aunts, and other incredible women that have had a part in raising us.

Let’s be real; there’s really nothing we can do or buy for these women that adequately captures our gratitude for who they are and what they do. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying! So we at the7dayringproject have stuck our heads together to come up with seven things you can do this year to make Mother’s Day extra special for your loved ones.


1.     Grow her flowers

That’s right – don’t just buy her flowers; grow them yourself! Zinnias, cosmos, and marigolds are all types of flowers that begin to sprout just a week after planting. Water them and care for them well, and they should start blooming about a month after they’ve sprouted!


2.     Make her a lemon poppy seed loaf (with an Earl Grey glaze to boot!)

You know how the saying goes: When life gives you lemons, make loaf.

The fantastic ladies over at Port and Fin have come up with a recipe for this beautiful lemon poppy seed yogurt loaf with a lemon Earl Grey glaze. Trust me, I’ve tried this one out myself, and it’ll take the classic Mother’s Day breakfast in bed to a whole new level.

The picture on the left is documentation of when I made this loaf last spring!


3.     Build her a tea kit

Oh no, not just any ordinary tea kit. I call it the empaTEA kit. The empaTEA kit includes at least three or four different types of tea leaves that you’ve chosen out and put into little containers. Now here’s the kicker. Label each container a different mood, so they will read, “For when you’re happy” or “for when you’re tired.” Try to coordinate the tea leaves to the mood if you can – might I suggest a bright raspberry zinger for when she’s happy, and a soothing lemon ginger for when she’s tired?

If you’re looking for some ethical tea brands, check out JusTea or O5 Tea! They’re both Vancouver-based brands that put a lot of care in to sourcing their tea leaves fairly.


4.     Learn something together

Experiences are a powerful gift, and the educational component is just a bonus! Here in Vancouver, you can find workshops for learning pottery, making sushi, and even flight lessons. Who knows when you or your mom might need to fly a plane? Pro tip: Groupon often has great deals for these kinds of things!


5.     Do something scary together

Is there something both you and your mom are afraid of? It could be the mutual fear of snakes, bees, or heights, perhaps. Find a way this Mother’s Day to face your fears together, whether that might be visiting a bee farm or going bungee jumping; it’ll make for an unforgettable experience, and maybe even help you overcome your fears!

The Honeybee Centre in Surrey has a live observation hive, is always stocked with samples of honey, and even offers basic beekeeping classes – check them out here!


6.     Volunteer together



Spread some of that love around to your community – find a soup kitchen or a shelter that both of you can volunteer at. (Hint hint, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter offers their next volunteer orientation the day before Mother’s Day!) Not only is this a worthwhile way to spend time with your mom, but it also is a meaningful act of service to people who are in a tough place. It might even be as simple as going through your closets together and picking out clothes to donate!

Or how about something a little more active? The SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women is happening across the country, with Vancouver’s being on May 13. Run 5k with mom, and raise money for women’s mental health programs in Canada!


7.     Get her a 7dayring

I mean, how could we not? The 7dayring is so much more than just a ring – we make sure that your purchase goes right back to Salem and her team in Ethiopia, the brilliant creators of the ring. We also donate a good chunk of your purchase to imagine1day, a Vancouver-based nonprofit organization that supports girls’ education in Ethiopia. If that’s not a good way to say Happy Mother’s Day, I don’t know what is.

We also have a special for you! Use the promo code: 7DAYMOMS17 to get 15% of your purchase by May 4th!


Sending much love from our team,