TAYLOR - Chief Day Seizer
founder + General Director

I lived in Addis after my first year of business school. My job was to teach fundamental business workshops to entrepreneurs, but instead, I found I learned more from them than I thought I would. My ring is a reminder of the people that were overcoming unbelievable circumstances and seizing the day despite all odds.  

My mission when this project began was to solely share Salem's story. However, I wanted others to have their own reminder as well. Now, my mission is to turn my love for one ring, my awe of Salem's business, and my belief in imagine1day into the7dayringproject. 

PEONY- Chief day seizeR
CO-FOUNDER + Marketing Director

I have always had a heart for people. I am passionate about finding out people's stories and getting to know their unique individualities. I believe everyone has the potential as agents of change and I want to help people discover their special spark. My heart breaks knowing not everyone has the chance to even begin dreaming of seizing the day- just because they lack the resources. I am driven to change that reality. 

I have had past experiences working with non-profit organizations and fundraising. When Taylor came to me with the7dayring idea, I was immediately hooked. Combining my love for social change while leveraging the skills learned through my business school experience- how could I not seize this opportunity?