My name is Taylor, I am heading into my final year of university, and on July 26th, I am turning 22. This year for my birthday, I’ve decided to actually ask for what I want, and that is for my friends, family, colleagues, and mentors to help me chase three things important to me:

My goal to attend a conference that I have been selected to go to for social innovators in LA.

My goal to support my favourite charity, imagine1day to fund girls’ clubs in Ethiopia.

My goal to complete three Triathlons (Tri-Tri) in 2017.

I’ve tied all three of my goals with a bow and would love your support to make all three happen.
Read more about the goals below! 


People have kept asking me what I want for my birthday, particularly as this is my last birthday where I will be a student, which for the majority of my family means that this is the last year I will receive gifts. As always, I started saying “I don’t want or need anything”, “don’t make a fuss” (I am not much of a birthday person). But then I realized, I actually do want a few things this year, so rather than end up with overpriced loose-leaf tea and gift cards to places I don’t shop at, I thought I would finally ask for what I want. 

For those that know me, there are a few things that I love, they include: 

  1. Learning through experience
  2. Supporting one of my areas of passion: equality in education
  3. Chasing goals

So this year I am putting them all together and tying them in a bow.

1 . I was recently accepted to attend an incredible conference happening in November in LA called The Summit Series, featuring speakers such as Jeff Bezos, Tim Ferriss, Malcolm Gladwell and Ariana Huffington. How in the heck did I get there? Well, to be accepted to you have to be recommended by someone who has already attended and then you need to get through an interview. Though most attendees are entrepreneurs or high-level execs, a supportive mentor recommended me, and by mainly talking about the two things above (triathlon goals and the7dayringproject), I got a spot. But boy oh boy the price is not student friendly. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the most inspiring leaders out there and meet entrepreneurs aiming to have a positive social impact from all around the world. 
So the first thing I really want for my bday is to get to seize the opportunity to attend this conference.

2 . I’ll keep this one short, I started a small social enterprise called the7dayringproject which you can learn more about here. Our three goals (consulting has taught me to group things in threes) are to empower our wearers to seize the day, empower and support a female entrepreneur in Ethiopia and to empower girls in Ethiopia by using our proceeds to fund girls’ clubs through a non-profit called imagine1day. 
The 2nd thing I want for my birthday is to support the amazing work done by imagine1day.

3 . Finally, my athletic goal for 2017 is to complete a Tri of Tri’s. That means three (short/sprint) Triathlons. First one was a blast, 2nd one got cancelled, so now I am jigging my schedule and doing one at the end of the summer and one in the early fall. 
So the last thing I want for my birthday is an excuse and accountability from family, friends and colleagues to get these races done!

Here’s where you come in, any donations made between my birthday and my next Triathlon on August 20th will go 50% straight to imagine1day’s girl Fund, my goal is to fund 3 clubs (told you I liked the number 3), about $1100 to help teach girls in a number areas including English, theatre, and feminine hygiene. The other 50% will support my conference fee, I am applying for scholarships and grants and saving summer money to pay for the rest of the 3k, but cutting $1100 off the price tag would be a huge help.

Anyone who donates will receive: 

  • A hilarious sweaty picture of me at the finish line of my triathlon
  • An update about the club they funded by the end of 2017
  • A blog post about my time at the conference and what I learned.

I have never been a presents person, but the one thing I do love about my birthday is it is a reminder and celebration of all the incredible people that I have in my life – so no pressure to donate, your existence in my life is plenty, but if you can swap the $5 you were going to use to pay for a latte or want to give a little extra this year to support imagine1day 
(Donation receipts are available for taxes!)
, your support would mean the absolute world.

Much Love & seize every day like it’s your birthday, 


Current amount raised:$1205

As of August 11